Child Care KEDS Resources

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Executive Summary 2013 .pdf January 21, 2014 59.01 KB Download
Child Care KEDS User Guide Step-by-step instructions for CC KEDS users. Updated 9-19-11 .pdf September 12, 2011 865.33 KB Download
KEDS Child Care Account Setup Account form for owner/director. .doc September 12, 2011 43.00 KB Download
Parent Consent form A consent form must be completed for each child. .doc September 02, 2011 54.00 KB Download

General KEDS Resources

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
The Kentucky Early Childhood Continuous Assessment Guide Released in October 2007. .pdf KDE October 19, 2009 4.66 MB Download
What' s New for Transition 2013 re-do .pptx August 01, 2013 1.42 MB Download
KDE FS MOU no cover sheet2013 .pdf August 01, 2013 104.23 KB Download
Recommended Measures in Early Childhood Screening Best practice for the appropriate use of KY-approved screening instruments is described in this document, including a definition, resources, methods, guidance for administration, and distinctions between screening and assessment of young children. .pdf Caroline Gooden and Carol Schroeder January 24, 2012 961.77 KB Download
Click here for ordering information for Voices: Insights From the Field, Caring for Infants and Young Toddlers DVD .doc July 11, 2011 21.50 KB Download
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